ODE simulator - Instructions


a,b,c,d Parameters of dynamical equations
dt Time step for plotting evolution
x-ax Variable plotted on horizontal axis (0=time, 1=X, 2=Y, 3=Z)
y-ax Variable plotted on vertical axis
X0,Y0,Z0 Initial values for X,Y,Z
tran Time of evolution to eliminate transient before plotting
dX0,dY0,dZ0 Timeseries: Small change in initial values
Interval Spectrum: data is accumulated every Interval time steps
Points Spectrum: number of data points for each transform
Window Spectrum: type of window used in calculating power spectrum
Variable Poincare, ReturnMap, MaxMap, Reconstruction: variable used for section or maximum
Section Poincare, ReturnMap: value of Variable at section
Variable Reconstruction: variable used for reconstruction
Delay Reconstruction: delay as multiple of dt
PlotMark Poincare, ReturnMap, MaxMap: Size of mark plotted (0=dot)


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